KT Piston Air Compressor
• Powerful head design, low speed, stroke length, and long service life than the similar products.
• Ring valve design, original material imported form Japan & Sweden, greatly increased the performance and service life of air valve
• Piston ring used Taiwan Riken, durable, non-oil
• Crank shaft by high – frequency quenching, enhanced the wear resistance of the product
• Oil separator structure design of the front cover, low fuel consumption, long term to keep to keep the body clean
• Volume control, there are gas & electronic automatically control types, gas & electronic dual – use type. Intelligent control type etc four types.

Oil-Free Air Compressor


100% free of oil. Suitable for medical treatment, foodstuff, hemical, electric, paint and the other high precision industries field.
• Adoption new design valve plate to increase the efficiency of inlet and save the energy.
• Using hermetic crack case and bearing to achieve the zero pollution.
• High strength, high precision heat and abrasion resistance bearing used to prolong the using life.
• Using special piston ring with best heat and abrasion resistance to guarantee the replacement period to be over 5000      hour.
• To save the charge of after-treatment of compressed air

Technical Data Oil-Free (Press. 8-10 Bar)



Single Stage Air Compressor


Technical Data Single Stage (Press. 8-10 Bar)singlespec


Two Stage Air Compressor


Technical Data Two Stage (Press. 12-15 Bar)