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Handal high performance compressed air filter

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Non – Corrosive Component

Non corrosive end-caps prevent oxidation as opposed to aluminum caps which introduce contaminants thatpollute the filtered compressed air.

Large Filtration area

Coalescing and particle removal filters use high efficiency borosilicate microglass fiber filter media giving effective filtration performance and pleated construction provides filtration surface area compared to wrapped filter elements. This provides more particle holding capacity

High Resistant Drainage Layer

filter elements use high performance drainage layer which can withstand higher operational temperature and is less sensitive to synthetic lubricants when compared to foam sock which may become brittle and completety deteriorate thus contaminating downstream equipments.

Handal filtration provides various filter elements with different filtration grades to maximize the filtration of any impurities such as dirt,metal oxides, rust,hydrocarbon, water and oil aerosols found in the compressed air system. All of these impurities should be strictly removed to provide the best air quality. Handal filter elements are manufactured for lowest pressure drop and in accourdance with international Standard for compressed air quality : ISO 8573.1:2001