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Scroll Air Compressor

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AE stands for innovation, highest quality standards and pioneering technology that make AE the  world market leader in the compressed air industry

Innovation is the basis of our success
AE develops manufactures,installs and maintains compressed air systems for customers across all industries.

Scroll Compressor — Applicable to deal with environment and energy saving

Design characteristics

1. High efficiency
- Volumetric efficiency of scroll compressor is more than 99% while piston compressor is lower than 70%.
- Constant pressure and leakage free.
- Scroll compressor is more efficient and save more energy compare to piston compressor.

2. Silent
- With sound level at 60 decibels, this noise level is much lower compare to screw and piston compressor

3. Reliability
- Less moving parts in scroll compressor reduces the possibility of wear. This means longer life span
- With stable and low speed design, the malfunction possibility is low

Compression process

Scroll air compressor employ two identical wraps,one inserted within the other with an 180 degrees phase angle,one scroll remains stationary as the other orbits around it by a small radius.
this movement draws air into the compression chamber from the outer opening of the fixed scroll
and moves it through successively smaller pockets formed by the scroll until it reaches working pressure at the center of the chamber which is released through a discharge port in the fixed scroll. during each orbit, several pockets are compressed simultaneously, so discharge is constant.

             Scroll air compressor AEW series